Hindi Magazines, U.S. Subscribers...?

Frances Pritchett fp7 at columbia.edu
Tue Jul 16 16:01:19 UTC 1996

On Tue, 16 Jul 1996, Richard Barz wrote:

> The Hindi edition of India Today is easy and inexpensive to subscribe to
> outside of India and is not just the Hindi version of the English edition
> of India Today.
In my observation, its Hindi is really stilted and artificial and reads
like literally translated English.  My colleague (a native speaker) and 
I had once thought of using it in our language classes, but when we
looked at at it we both agreed that it was almost unreadable and was 
not at all desirable for students to practice on.  But I have not looked
at it for a year or two, so maybe it has improved by now.

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