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> Dear Indologists: I was wondering if any members of this list would be
> so kind as to suggest some good histories of India by Indians. 

Narendra Nath Bhattacharya. 1988. _Ancient Indian history and 
	civilization: trends and perspectives_. New Delhi: Manohar.

Sachchidananda Bhattacharya. 1977. _Dictionary of Indian history_. 
	Westport, Conn.: Greenwood.

Irfan Habib, editor. 1992- . _Medieval India: researches in the history 
	of India, 1200-1750. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

D. D. Kosambi. 1981. _The culture and civilization of ancient India in 
	historical perspective_. New Delhi: Vikas.

Ravindra Kumar. 1987. _Essays in the social history of modern India. New 
	Delhi: Oxford University Press.

A. K. Majumdar. 1980. _A concise history of ancient India_. 3 vols. New 
	Delhi: Manoharlal.

Ramesh Chandra Majumdar, general editor. 1951-77. _The history and 
	culture of the Indian people_. 11 vols. Bombay: Bharatiya 
	Vidya Bhavan.
	Vol. 1: Vedic age (up to 600 BC)
	Vol. 2: Age of imperial unity (600 BC - 320 AD)
	Vol. 3: Classical age (320-730)
	Vol. 4: Age of imperial Kanauj (730-1000)
	Vol. 5: Struggle for empire (1000-1300)
	Vol. 6: Delhi sultanate (1300-1526)
	Vol. 7: The Mughal empire 
	Vol. 8: the Maratha supremacy
	Vol. 9 & 10: British paramountcy and Indian renaissance (1818-1905),
		     Parts 1 & 2
	Vol. 11: Struggle for freemdom (1905-1947)

Parshotam Mehra. 1985. _A dictionary of modern Indian history, 1707-1947_.
	New Delhi: Oxford University Press.
Ramakrishna Mission, Institute of Culture. 1958-86. _The cultural heritage
	of India_. 5 vols. Calcutta: Advaita Ashram

	Vol. 1: The early phases: prehistoric, Vedic and Upanisadic, Jaina,
		and Buddhist
	Vol. 2:	Itihasas, Puranas, Dharma and other 'sastras'
	Vol. 3: The philosophies
	Vol. 4: The religions
	Vol. 5: Languages and literatures

Saiyid Altar Abbas Rizzi. 1987. _The wonder that was India: Vol. 2, a 
	survey of the history and culture of the Indian sub-continent 
	from the coming of the Muslims to the British conquest, 
	1200-1700. London: Sidgwick.

D. P. Singhal. 1983. _A history of the Indian people_. London: Methuen.

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