Indian Histories of India trans.

J. Randall Groves YD56 at MUSIC.FERRIS.EDU
Fri Jul 12 03:16:43 UTC 1996

Dear Indologists: You have been great with suggestions. Many thanks.
By the way, are there conflicts between Muslim historians of India
(and Pakistan/Bangladesh) and Hindu historians? One would think so
given the hsitory of conflict between Muslims and Hindus generally.
Sorry if I am pulling the thread of conversation away from the usual
topics. It seems like it could make for some interesting comparisons.
I'm also sorry if this is too obvious a question to the list's
indologists. If so, just ignore this post. Thanks again for the
suggestions.  Randy Groves
>For Indian histories by Indians, read the following authors:
>G. S. Sardesai - Maratha history
>K. A. Nilakantha sastri - South Indian history
>Humayun Kabir and K. Natwar Singh - recent Indian history
>R. N. Dandekar, R. G. Bhandarkar, M. G. Ranade - Harappa, Maurya and Gupta time
>C. S. Srinivasachari, S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar - Vijayanagar history
>R. C. Majumdar's "History and Culture of the Indian People", published by
>the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
>B. R. Nanda - History of British India.
>Hope this helps.
>S. Vidyasankar

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