"original" Buddhists

Miroslav Rozehnal m63051 at mtc.ntnu.edu.tw
Thu Jul 11 07:07:08 UTC 1996

Hello everybody,
I wonder if there has been done any research on surviving Buddhist 
communities in Indian subcontinent.
I do not mean the neo-buddhist movement of Mahabodhi Society, dr. 
Ambedkar etc., but those groups that "made it through" up to now.
(Of course, Sri Lanka, part of Indian subcontinent, is Buddhist, but I 
don't mean that either).
One such community is in fact well-mapped - the Newari Buddhists of Nepal.
Then there is a group in Chittagong, Bangladesh, which is said to have 
survived the centuries until it was reformed in 18. (?) century by 
visiting Sinhalese monk. I have met one person (Sinhalese) who visited 
this area and he confirmed the existence of this group.
surviving in Afghanistan, but I could never get any detailed info about that.
And finally, when I was in Pakistan, some people told me that there are 
some Buddhist groups in that country also. They are supposed to live 
somewhere in the North-west.
Is anyone aware of any research on this problem or can anyone offer 
first-hand information?

M. Rozehnal, "Indologist without portfolio"

Miroslav Rozehnal
Mandarin Training Center
National Taiwan Normal University
Taiwan, R.O.C.
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