Indian Histories of India trans.

J. Randall Groves YD56 at MUSIC.FERRIS.EDU
Thu Jul 11 02:14:14 UTC 1996

Dear Indologists: I was wondering if any members of this list would be
so kind as to suggest some good histories of India by Indians. I don't
read any Indian languages, so I would need to read them in translation.
Are there any good English tranl;;sations of Indian histories of India?
The reason I ask is because I'm writing a paper on "India in Western
Philosophies of History." It occurs to me that I may be missing an
important perspective by reading only Western histories for my take on
Indian history. Also, any commentary on the differences between Weestern
and Indian history of India would also be appreciated. J. randall Groves
, Ph.D., Ferris State University





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