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Birgit Kellner wrote:

>TZ is ambiguous in that sense, for punctuation marks are and will be used
>throughout an English/German/...-paper with occasional Sanskrit passages. I
>cannot think of an actual case of problematic ambiguity for TZ at the
>moment, but I am confident that there are quite a few (a simple mis-type
>involving a punctuation mark would suffice).

I should perhaps add some more information on the TZ transliteration
scheme. Punctuation marks are repesented by double marks. E.g: a/svas
t.r.nam atti..
= The horse eats grass. In a similar manner, - used for other reasons than
transliteration is represented by --. Thus punctuation marks that could be
construed as parts of characters are written in such a way that the risk of
confusion is reduced. But of course: You have to transliterate correctly,
otherwise you get garbled results. That is true of *any* transliteration

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