Q: _mantra's_ parts & _maalaa-mantra_

Cezary Zemis pasiasty at orient.uw.edu.pl
Thu Dec 26 09:48:55 UTC 1996

Dear Indologists,

In the _mahaabhaarata_ XIII, the _anushasaana-parvan_, there is a
_visshNu-naama-stotra_ (13.135). A footnote (in the critical edition, p.
705) to the 14th _shloka_ gives a few versions of a commentary on the
_stotra_. The commentaries divide the whole _stotra_ and call it's parts
eg.: _biija_, _shakti_, _kiilaka_, _astra_, _kavaca_, _mantra_ (D5), or
use names of body parts. Another version of the commentary, not mentioned
in the critical edition, also describes the _stotra_ as _maalaa-mantra_.

And now the question: do you know which Sanskrit text tells about
_mantra's_ parts, and defines the term _maalaa-mantra_? And the second
question: is there an edition of Sanskrit text of

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