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Dear Indologists,
for a long time I had many problems with the fucking computer of my
university and I was unable to write any e-mail. (as a computer scientist,
the f.. stem is frequently linked with machines!)

) about public works in Ramayana
Many thanks to all who answer me!

) about the naked shoulder:
In the Aranyakaparvan of the Mahabharata, after an idyllic description of
Amaravati, the Indra's town, we have a long enumeration of the bad guys
(instr. pl.) unable to see it, and among them (III, 44, 5c, Poona):
naanaaplutaangais tiirtheSu
perhaps in relation with your problem ?

) about maid made with flowers:
In the fourth branch of the welsh Mabinogi, _Math son of Mathonwy_, the
character of Lleu is under many curses, one of them beeing never to have a
woman living on this earth. Math and Gwydon use magic to bypass this curse:
(sorry, I dispose only of a french translation)
** Ils prirent alors des fleurs de che^ne [oak], de gene^t [broom] et de
reines-des pre's [meadowssweet], et avec cela suscite`rent, par magie, la
fille la plus belle et la plus parfaite du monde. On la baptisa selon le
bapte^me qu'on pratiquait a` l' e'poque, et on l'appela Blodeuwedd
[flower's aspect]. **
Unfortunately, this flower-maid is like common maiden: adulteress, she'll
betray the poor Lleu and will organize his death.
An other heroin, irish, acts similarly, the husband is Cu' Rof, the lover
is Cu' Chulainn and the gentle accompliss of the murder is Bla'thnat
[flower], but it is not said she's made with flowers. I have no referencies
of this last story, but I think it easy to find.
hoping to help you!

) about _out of india_
no one of the arguments I have read here, from the both parts, had nothing
to do with a scientific knowledge of the reality.
personnally, I think Vedic is an IE language and I don't believe
Indoeuropean's original homeland is India, I think there are no little
green martians, no more yetis or nessies, but I have not a bit of proof of
that and if a respectable scholar says the contrary, I can't answer nothing
else: _if you think it, perhaps you're not wrong_  and close politely but
immediatly the discussion.
two facts make many trouble in this question:
1) what exits still today, just that archeologists can find (and with
luck). And the climate of India is not the same as Egypt's one.
2) autochthony is an old dream of many peoples to consider others as
intruders, but just looking at the story of the humanity, it's a foolish
dream. Neither Athenians, nor Gallics, nor Germans was autochthonous, and,
probably, nor Dravidians! Thinking otherwise is just nazi-onalistic (sic).

Bonne anne'e, Ein gutes neues Jahr, Felice capo d'anno, Hronia polla, Happy

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