Animal evidence (elephant)

Klaus Karttunen KJKARTTU at
Mon Dec 23 15:29:55 UTC 1996

Dear Colleagues,
after having seen through a great number of messages I do not anymore 
remember, who claimed an IE etymology for elephant. I know that a few 
such etymologies have been proposed, but what I have seen, seems rather 
unlikely. The Greek word elephas, elephant- has probably nothing to do 
with Sanskrit ibha-, but seems to go back to ancient Egyptian, where 
related words are attested very early. A further (and even IE) parallel 
is Hittite la_hpa. See Frisk, Griech. etymol. Woerterbuch and my India 
in early Greek Literature.
This is probably the last time I check my e-mail (I have no connection 
in my home computer) before leaving to Bangalore. See you there.
Season's Greetings.

Klaus Karttunen

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