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 Tobias asked about MadanakAmarAjan's story. It is available in translation.
 I don't recall that  it is about which gender is better. But there are 
 lot more debates in Tamil folk settings.


thAy makaL Ecal - Mother teasing her daughter(D) about D's new love affair;

kuRavanji -  quarrels/debates amongst a couple (Singan & Singi)

paLLu - debates on various themes (like Saiva & Vaishnava - which is 
         better) between two wives of `paLLan` (agricultural servant)

No book length studies have appeared in any Western language.

N. Ganesan

> Two Tamil folktales : The story of King Matanakama, The story of Peacock 
> Ravana / translated from the Tamil by Kamil V. Zvelebil.  1st ed.  Delhi :
> Motilal Banarsidass ; Paris : Unesco, 1987.  lvii, 236 p. ; 23 cm.

>   Folk literature, Tamil--Translations into English.
>   Zvelebil, Kamil.
>   Matanakamarajankatai. English. 1987.
>   Mayiliravanan katai. English. 1987.
   UNESCO collection of representative works. Indian series

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