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Mr. Tobias Grote-Beverborg asked about the Qissa Tota-Mynah. Frances 
Pritchett has given a good answer about the genre. On a more mundane 
level, a Hindi text can be found at the Hindi Book Centre, Asaf Ali Road, 
Delhi. In addition to the printed text, it also comes as an audio book. 
Last summer I 
listened and read that version of the collection of the stories that make 
up the debate about which sex is inherently noble and which inherently  
worthless, male or female. In this 
version, the female (I forget which bird is which sex) agrees that indeed 
her sex is the worthless, or at least untrustworthy, one.

The Hindi is highly sanskritized. An author is named, but I forget his 
name. The cassette tapes (4) were quite good, except for one that was almost 

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