Bottled bears (apology and correction)

J. Kingston Cowart jkcowart at
Tue Dec 17 23:19:24 UTC 1996

My apologies to Das Menon.  A message intended as a 
humorous personal reply to him, went to the list instead.  
I am using new e-mail software (but am fully capable of 
idiotic errors from time to time, even in the best of 

Although what is done is done, I feel I ought to correct 
the first two lines, to wit: 

Dear Das Menon:
At 03:40 AM 12/17/96 GMT, you wrote:

rather than

At 03:40 AM 12/17/96 GMT, you wrote:
Dear Das Menon:

There is no need to repeat the message--only to clarify that
he certainly did not write "Dear Das Menon:" to himself. 

J. Kingston Cowart
San Diego, California

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