7 Bit tutorial

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman MDSAAA48 at GIASMD01.VSNL.NET.IN
Tue Dec 17 00:59:56 UTC 1996

> My point is: the
>discussion should be not on the `8bit-7bit' issue, but on the
>character-set which we need.
>Toru Tomabechi
>University of Lausanne

This is a good point. CDAC, Pune tried to standardize the character set for
language scripts, by simply lining up the glyph components from 032 to 255.
The glyphs
are the ones taught to school children. The same glyph standard is used
in Scanrom 1500+  fonts .http://www.chorus.cycor.ca/multipc/company/s__001.htm
email: 72240.3447 at compuserve.com

The advantages are GUI and portability: the fonts popup on the Windows
screen (MS Word 7.0)
as an ANSI chart and the user can use the mouse and point and click to insert
the glyphs desired. 
Regards. Kalyanaraman

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