Q: Norman fonts

pfreund at mum.edu pfreund at mum.edu
Sat Dec 14 03:36:31 UTC 1996

VedicFontFoundry makes a True Type version of "VedicFont" for Windows 3.1
and Windows 95.  There is also a transliteration font that is packaged with
it.  The VedicFont character set includes a broad range of conjunct
consonants, and special characters useful in typesetting the four Vedas.

SU 152
Maharishi University of Management
Fairfield, IA 52557

Or e-mail me for further details.

If you have a Mac TrueType or Type One devanagari font that you prefer,
VedicFontFoundry can also make a Windows compatible version of that, if the
creator of your font agrees to it.

Peter Freund
pfreund at mum.edu

>I am searching for Devanagari fonts for Windows 95.
>Can anybody help me to find them ?
>It would be very good to have True Type ones.
>Thanh you.

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