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    Re: Early Muslims of Kerala

Even in pre-islamic times, arabs came to Kerala for trade.
There are Chola inscriptions (early 11th century) in
Brhadisvarar temple, Thanjavur  talking of Muslims.
This I heard from R. Nagaswamy & S. Raju (Dept. of epigraphy,

The legend among Muslims of Kerala that Cheraman Perumal
converted to Islam and went to Mecca sounds like a
reworking/transformation of the story narrated by Nambiyandar Nambi
(10th century?) and Cekkizhaar (12th century). 
In the famous Saiva story, Sundarar(9th century) along with his 
friend and King of Kerala, Cheraman Perumal Nayanar
ascended to heaven. (vide - vellAnaic carukkam, the last
chapter of Cekkizhar's periyapuranam.)

There is a recent novel on this.
A. M. Yucup, Marai vazhi kaNTa mAmannar cEramAn perumAL,
Tirucci, 1991, 382 p.

N. Ganesan
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