aryan invasion (Beekes ref)

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Thu Dec 12 15:56:28 UTC 1996

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

> There is also a book by Beekes, in English and published one or two years
> ago, but unfortunately I do not have the bibliographical details. Those of

Robert S.P. Beekes. 1995. Comparative Indo-European Linguistics: An
Introduction. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (Translation of _Vergelijkende
taalwetenschap: Een inleiding in de vergelijkende Indo-europese

I've only read parts of this book, but it seems to be fairly comprehensive
(I don't really know enough about comparative IE linguistics to judge the
veracity, hetero-, or orthodoxy of what he says ). My only problem is the
somewhat prosaic writing-style (combine this with the presentation of
_lots_ of comparative IE data and the text becomes slightly confusing at

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