The sevens types of marriage in Hinduism.

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paishaaca-bridegroom seduces female when she is unconscious or nearly so;
raaakshasa - female captured by force; gaandharva - "love"-marriage; aasura
- husband must pay for bride and she freely agrees; praajaapatya - arranged
marriage;  aarsha - husband freely gives gifts for the wife; daiva - bride
given to a priest; braahma - bride given away complete with gifts. 
One resource is Raj Bali Pandey's Hindu Samskaras (Motilal Banarsidass)

>I recall once having read about seven different types of matrimony in
>Hinduism, each distinguished from the other by the manner in which the
>girl was given to, or taken by, the husband. I would like to know in which
>text(s) these marriages are explained in detail and also the names of the
>Off the top of my head (and therefore probably not exact) I remember one
>type being where the girl was allowed to choose her own husband, another
>where the girl was abducted by the husband, yet another when the devas
>gave her to her husband.
>Thanks in advance.
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