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Swami Vishvarupananda omkar at
Wed Dec 4 11:36:55 UTC 1996

>I've seen goats with a spot of pink dye all
>the way from Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu (the
>region I'm most familiar with).  They were 
>not elaborately painted like the Nepal goats; 
>they just had a patch of pink dye.

These patches may as well have been the left overs of holi. Holi is a
festival celebrated around March all over India, a little akin to
carnival. People spray each other -- and anything that moves for that
matter -- with colored water and powder, mostly pink. After this festival
you see animals walking around with color spots for months, as the color
is very difficult to remove. Apart from this it is a custom with some
shepherds to mark their animals with similar colors. Thus, if you see lots
of 'spotted' animals they would hardly be marked for sacrifice.

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Omkarananda Ashram Himalays
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