Numeric notation in the SV and related works.

Srinivasan Pichumani srini at
Wed Dec 4 17:04:09 UTC 1996

	Anshuman Pandey wrote:
        I would like to know what these numbers represent and what they
        are used for. I've considered looking at Wayne Howard's work on the
        notation of the Jaiminiiyas, but thought that as the chaandogya is of
        the Kauthuma shaakhaa, Howard's work might not be of much help. 
        Perhaps such assumptions are not to be made, eh? 
Yes.  Wayne Howard's work/books are absolutely essential for 
the various perspectives they offer on the different Kauthuma
notations and the Jaiminiya notation.  His "Samavedic chant"
has detailed discussions on what the numerals represent... 
are they simply pitches, with 1 representing the highest... 
or do the numerals broadly represent motifs... and so on.
        Any suggestions as to any sources or treatises I could turn to, 
        preferrably with English interpretation, to allow me further 
        insight on this topic?
You could also look at his "Matralaksanam" (Motilal Banarsidass 
Publishers, 1988) for more details on Samavedic chant.
G.H.Tarlekar's "The Saman chants : a review of research" (Bombay:
Indian Musicological Society, 1985), as the title suggests provides 
abstracts followed by the author's comments on various Samavedic 
studies over the past 150 years.

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