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>I believe that a program that is based on the  Unicode standard will be the
>way to go to have most, if not all the features. BUT I doubt if such a
>program will be available for US$10, considering the payments a developer
>has to pay to Unicode Consortium for membership and/or to acquire the
>necessary development tools. Perhaps it is possible for around US$99, for
>the PC, and a higher fee for Unix. I cannot comment on the Macintosh.

For those who missed, the new Unicode standard has recently been published by
Addison Wesley (over a year after it was scheduled) and the cost is only about
US$50. It contains standards for every language, plus a CDROM with some
softwaer in pc, MAC, and UNIX platforms. It idoesnot seem to be significantly
harder to use this standard than some other one.

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