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>I am new to this list so let me give a short introduction of myself. My
>name is Swami Vishvarupananda, and I am working on a long term project on
>Shakta Philosophy, particularly Shriyantra and Shri Vidya. I am also
>fascinated by Kashmir Shaivaism and its striking parallels to Shri Vidya.
>I am also interested in the general study of Hindu Scriptures.

>At present I would be happy if anyone could tell me where I can find a
>computer dictionary for Sanskrit-English and possibly also
>English-Sanskrit. I have found an online Sanskrit Dictionary at
>but what I am really searching for is a dictionary I can install on my PC
>(Pentium running Windows 95).

>Swami Vishvarupananda
>Omkarananda Ashram Himalays
>omkar at

For those who have missed past comments, Thomas Malten and his group have been
working for several years on entering and editing the entire Monier Williams
dictionary and it is near release time even now.

Very extensive software is in process of completion by Ralph Bunker, with help
from work of several others, including George Cardonna's  and Peter Scharff's
work on Paaninii. The software will take the very terse listing of Sanskrit
words by Williams and expand it to virtually all possible forms, add in
extensive grammatical information, remove the extensive abbreviations of
Williams, and otherwise make Williams truly useful as an automatic spelling
checker and translation reference. Ralph probably will not be in Bangalore,
but several of his friends will be and we hope to have some prototypes of this
and other software available for examination at the conference. Ralph is also
trying to complete prototypes of a very powerful text processor with extensive
transliteration abilities, including support for over a thousand variations of
characters in a single Devanagari font.

This is incredibly exciting, because it seems that finally Sanskrit will begin
the process of developing the extensive proofing tools that have been
available for so many years in simple scripts like English.!!!

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