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Tue Dec 3 12:32:27 UTC 1996

On a completely different note...

I have been haunted for quite some time by the memory of a reference that
got away.

This reference analysed the evidence for a Siva cult at Harappa and
basically shredded it.  The piece de resistance was the "dancing Siva"
figure on some of the seals; the author of this paper noted that everywhere
else in Harappan sculpture, only women wore bracelets or had coiffures like
the dancing figure on those seals.

I realise that isn't much to go on, but wondered if anyone could help as
long as we're talking about early Siva figures.

In return...  I don't *think* I've seen this reference come up, but
apologies if I'm just being repetitive.

Doris M. Srinivasan.  1983.  "Vedic Rudra-Siva."  Journal of the American
Oriental Society 103:  543-56.

I was impressed by it ten years ago but not five, and that's about all I
remember.  I think my disillusionment was just because it wasn't the cool
paper about bracelets.

Joe Bernstein

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