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Mon Dec 2 08:16:37 UTC 1996

Thanks to Lawrence McCrea for his help with the word "du'scilka", which
indeed is probably a variant of du'scikya, and with the derivation of
"andolya". I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to what sort of
object "andolya" might refer to (judging from the context, it ought to be a
desirable one), as well as to the meaning of "vi.dvara", which ought to have
some evil significance -- the text speaks of "putra-varga-manastaapam, ca vi.dvaram".

Thanks also to J. Grimes, M. Witzel, C. Narayan, and J. Gardner for their
replies to my recent query concerning the word "upanishad". I don't believe
that the text I had in mind has been identified so far, but I'm grateful for
the new leads.

Martin Gansten
mgansten at

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