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> In a Sanskrit text I am currently translating, I found three words not
> listed in any of my dictionaries: (1) andolya; (2) vi.dvara; (3) du'scilka
> (this last word should have some astrological meaning). Does anyone out
> there know the meanings of these words? Thanks in advance.
> Martin Gansten
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     Andolya would seem to be the gerundive form of the verb andolayati
("oscillate, move to and fro"); Apte does not list this form, but does give
the verb and the verbal noun andolanam ("oscillation").  Du'scilka is
presumably a variant form of du'scikya, which Apte [in the appendix to the
fourth edition] defines as "an astrological term for the third raa'si from
the lagna"-- i.e. the third zodiacal house from the point at which the
course of a planet intersects the horizon.  Vi.dvara is a mystery to me, but
Apte does give the word vi.dvaraja ("born of vi.dvara") as a name for lapis
lazuli.  Hope this is of some help.

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