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Jakub Cejka jakub at unipune.ernet.in
Thu Aug 29 20:55:31 UTC 1996

> It would be very valuable to have a consolidated scheme of typing for all Indian
> languages.   As well as the problem of consonants, there is also the question of
> how to type the short vowels e, o of Dravidian languages where the long vowels
> are the ones in Sanskrit (also Malayalam half short-u).   What about using  e",
> o", (and u") for these short vowels (or will some computers have problems)?
> Regards,  Tony Stone
Yes, I would be very happy to have such scheme, particularly if it is 
accepted by most of the list members. That would make this never ending 
discussion much more fruitful.

In that context I'd like to ask Lars Martin Fosse and other users of the 
Tubingen Zurich formate (TZ) for Sanskrit (which I really prefer to the 
other ones proposed here):   Has there been any attempt to type Dravidian 
languages by extending the repertory of TZ format for the above mentioned 
peculiar phonemes (while preserving the already-defined-for-Sanskrit way 
of marking phonemes identical with Skt) ?  If so, share it with us ...

This should count in the fights which scheme is "better"; it will 
obviously be the one allowing one smoothly combine lggs of all the Indian 
language groups.

Mr. Jakub Cejka
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