typing Sanskrit

Thu Aug 29 11:15:26 UTC 1996

Leslaw Borowski wrote:
>	S. Kalyanaraman asks question to which I have a question: would you
>like to help? For additional Hindi "letters" I would suggest q, x, z and f.

>		Leslaw Borowski

Sure, I would like to help in any way desired in the aspects of application
of IT on South Asian language scripts. Leslaw makes very goods points on the
issues which have cropped up oft and on this mailing list. It is apparent
that the roman transcription is in a process of evolution and the jury is
still out on a unicode. We may recall the invention of the new typewriter
keyboard for English: dvorak as opposed the QWERTY which is the popular
standard to which were added additional keys for the computer key-board.
Since ANSI is the base for internet (and popular windows
platform)communication, would it be ok to use some of the extended
characters, such as e (accent), u (umlaut) though they may be cumbersome to
enter on the keyboard (requiring Alt+ some numbers on the numeric keypad)?

Regards, Kalyanaraman.

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