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Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Aug 28 16:51:21 UTC 1996

On Wed, 28 Aug 1996, Anthony P Stone wrote:

> On 8 August 1996, Leslaw Borowski wrote : 
> > For additional Hindi "letters" I would suggest q, x, z and f.
> If I am right in thinking that  x represents the modified kh in words like
> xudaa, xaakii, then it seems we need another letter for the modified g (say g_
> for the sake of discussion) in words like kaag_az.   (Or is there perhaps a
> tendency to omit this modification?) 

Hmm.  Perhaps irrelevant, but in Maltese (Semitic arabic-like language
written in Roman script) the letter "x" is pronounced "sh" as in English
"sheep".  Thus, the town Xemxija is pronounced "Shemshiiya".  I go to
Malta a lot, and am thoroughly accustomed to this value for the letter. 
Would it do for us?

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