MBh for sale

F. Smith fsmith at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu
Wed Aug 28 18:36:57 UTC 1996

Acting on behalf of a scholar not on this listserv, I wonder if anyone is 
interested in purchasing a complete Poona Crit. ed. of Mahabharata, in 
mint condition (I'm told) for $300 plus shipping charges. Similarly, 
complete Hist. of Dharmasastra for $125 + shipping (postage or probably 
UPS). This scholar has moved back to India and doesn't see any point in 
re-exporting his MBh or HDhS. Please contact me and I will convey the 
info to the owner, who is in America for about a month. The BORI price 
for a crit. ed. is now about Rs. 8200, and Motilal is selling it for Rs. 
11,000. I don't know the current price for HDhS.

Fred Smith
Univ. of Iowa

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