compound analysis in e-texts

tantrapl at tantrapl at
Tue Aug 27 18:27:48 UTC 1996

Classical: either this or that. I think it is better to separate two tasks:
1) (first) typing without analysis 
2) (then) analysing.
Also, two (or three for that matter) versions are better to work with.

If I had to choose only one version, I would prefer to have an analized text. 
My first thought, however, was against analysis. I don't want to rely on 
what somebody considers correct. But finally, it is not very hard to guess
where a mistake could occur. I mean we ARE reading the text.
	If somebody is kind enough to type a text let us allow her/him to choose
her/his way. (It is not hard to make a version without division marks out of
an analised text. I mean one language text.)
	I also don't think there are principal difficulties with "double 
analysis" texts. One can use brackets etc. to separate different 
alternatives from one another. There might be some technical difficulties
[like counting occurrences] which I don't think are final. However, final word
should be left to others (the initiatior of the subject?)
	Leslaw Borowski

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