Q: Wikner's Sanskrit

Jutta K. Lehmann lehmann at alcor.concordia.ca
Sun Aug 25 14:50:38 UTC 1996

I wish I could help Dr. Hueckstedt with his problem of compiling exe. 
files for Dr. Wikner's 
devanagari fonts. I just want to assure him that he is not alone. I am 
finding that not only am I facing the daunting task of learning TeX/LaTeX 
(I am experimenting with OzTeX on a Mac LC475) but of learning enough of 
C programming to compile both the Wikner and the Velthuis "preprocessor" 
programs on the Mac (not fully understanding what these programs will 
actually accomplish for me since I have already produced the PK fonts). 
So - I would repeat Dr. Hueckstedt's anguished cry. Does anyone have 
experience compiling these programs on a Mac? Any help you can give would 
be appreciated. 

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