review article

Thu Aug 22 23:11:59 UTC 1996

Thanks to Dominik for creating a review section in the indology website.
Salomon's excellent paper on braahmi script is lucid and precise. 

Some research leads to follow are: the references to Indus script ard the
need to rationally explain the long gap between the dates of the Indus
script and braahmi script during which writing appears to have fallen out of
use in India.

The closest to a monumental inscription is the Dholavira find (1990) of a
3-metre long text near the city gate containing ten large signs which are to
be read from LEFT TO RIGHT. This is in contrast to the majority of the 3k
Indus inscriptions (averaging 5 signs + pictorial motifs) on seals and
tablets which are to be read from RIGHT TO LEFT. 

Is there any significance in this apparent preference for writing from  left
to right on monuments?

Regards. Kalyanaraman.

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