typing Sanskrit

Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at internet.no
Thu Aug 22 17:54:37 UTC 1996

>Finally, I should like to say *again*, pace Lars M. Fosse's remarks which
>I consider refutable, that no 7-bit coding scheme for Sanskrit is
>essentially better than any other, as long as ambiguity is avoided.  And
>the tools for converting from one scheme to another are so widespread and
>easy to use, that surely we must ask whether the topic remains
>interesting?  Might we seriously consider replacing any typing on this
>topic by typing actual Sanskrit texts (in any coding :-)?

Good grief, Dominik, have I said something refutable, and I don't even
remember what! Anyway, generally speaking I agree with you. The main thing
is to type Sanskrit texts, not to quarrel about how to. May I, by the way,
suggest that all typing of Sanskrit texts should be done with compound
analysis the way it is done in the TZ-format? Proper compound analysis makes
the texts fare more valuable for electronic analysis than entering the texts
in the way they appear in a Sanskrit book or manuscript. It is definitely
"value added" text entry!

Best regards,

Lars Martin

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