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Dear colleagues,

today I installed my WWW database of Chinese Buddhist texts in my Web 
area at  http://www.gwdg.de/~cwitter/ and made it thus publicly 
accessible. Please distribute this announcement and provide links 
wherever it seems appropriate to you.

The WWW Database of Chinese Buddhist texts is a comprehensive
list of Chinese Buddhist texts. It currently contains 4375 texts by
1349 authors. It makes available conveniently all texts contained  in 
the following collections or catalogues and provides convenient 
cross-references among these sources of information:

1.Taishoo Shinshuu Daizookyoo
2.Tripitaka Koreana
3.Dainippon Zokuzookyoo
4.'A catalogue of the Chinese translation of the Buddhist
    Tripitaka' by Bunyiu Nanjio, Oxford 1883

There were two general aims in compiling this information: 

 1.Linking entry numbers and references from different catalogues
    and collections to ease access to this information by 
    researchers, and make it available online. 
 2.Providing a seed crystal for information about Chinese Buddhist
    texts that are available electronically.

Information of the second type is not yet included in this release,
but I hope this will grow in the future following the public release 
of the database.

The whole database is encoded in the Japanese encoding (ShiftJIS), 
with additional characters made visible as graphical images. I hope 
to make available a Chinese version at least downloadable for local 
use, since online installation seems to be difficult because of space 

Christian Wittern                                              University of Goettingen
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