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Tue Aug 20 02:01:11 UTC 1996

India might be a lot closer to have the ability to start schools in
"dialects" than people realise. I make this comment based on the observation
that government "owned" schools in India has broken up and education is now
more and more in the hands of private citizens/organisations. Private funded
education appears to be a fast growing 'business' in India. So we might yet
see schools in these 'dialects'. The main obstacle may be one of not
belonging to a 'minority' religion which has special status (rights) for
starting schools and keeping them without fear of being taken over by
government, a consideration any 'business (money)' will have.

Das Menon

At 05:02 PM 8/19/96 BST, you wrote:

                                 The status of Official Language should
>include the right to open schools in these languages. It is true the list
>of category (iii) would be huge, but after all the 'right to schools' does
>not necessarily mean that the government has to run these schools, only
>that people who have the money and energy for it can open such schools if
>they wish. It would be more feasible to restrict such schools to the
>elementary level because secondary level education involves the problem of
>holding public examinations in all these languages. In any case, India is
>a long way from being able to do this, so I just keep on dreaming!! 
>Gail Coelho

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