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Mon Aug 19 05:24:04 UTC 1996

Needless to say, perhaps: This is a political distinction between 
language and dialect, not a linguistic one.  And one which causes much 
confusion between scholars and laymen.  It is also responsible for much 
linguistic rivalry and many bitter political disputes in India.  A 
linguistic definition of language would be based in mutual comprehesion.

Peter Claus

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> I believe that Marwari is a dialect amd mot a language - a language being
> defined as having a script, and more importantly its own literature. There
> are over 200 dialects in India, all of which are in use. Since these are
> dialects they do not find mention in the list of official languages.
> Das Menon
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> >And how can India not recognize the important of Marwari?
> >David Magier
> >
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