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On Wed, 14 Aug 1996 aklujkar at wrote:
>I also need to know the volume and page numbers of the following:
>Hillebrandt, Alfred. 1922. "Zur Charakteristic der [this should be des]
>;Sarvilaka in der M.rcchaka.tikaa. Spuren eines Steya;saastra?" Zeitschrift
>f:ur Indologie und Iranistik [vol? pp?] Reprinted in Hillebrandt's Kleine
>Schriften [only one vol? pp?]

"Zur Charakteristik (sic) der (sic! apparently a misprint in the original)
...", according to Kleine Schriften first published in Zs. f. Indologie und
Iranistik 1.1922, pp. 69-72. Reprinted in A. Hillebrandt, Kleine Schriften.
Hrsg. von Rahul Peter Das. Stuttgart 1987 (=Glasenapp-Stiftung Band 28)
(only one vol.), pp. 461-464.

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