Two (make it four) inquiries

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Wed Aug 14 21:46:36 UTC 1996

Is there a proverb in (south?) Indian languages to the effect that if the
eldest son is humiliated (through disciplining or depriving him of
something), the younger two (less likely, three) are as good as humiliated?
What I am looking for is an equivalent to the Sanskrit line
jye.s.tha-putraavamaanena traya.h kupyanti sodaraaa.h. The context in which
this vacana or 'statementæ having the appearance of a proverb is cited is
this: The speaker is making the point that robbing someone who has
incalculable wealth earned legitimately is better than robbing someone who
has limited wealth and robbing someone whose wealth is earned

I would be grateful if someone could let me know the publication
particulars of the following Bengali work: Author: Kalikumara Datta /
Kaaliikumaara Datta. Title: Madhyayugiya Bharate Samskrta sahitya  /
Madhyayugiiya Bhaarate Sa.msk.rta saahitya. I particularly need to know the
year of publication (of all editions if more than one edition is
published), the place of publication and the name of the publisher.

I also need to know the volume and page numbers of the following:
Hillebrandt, Alfred. 1922. "Zur Charakteristic der [this should be des]
;Sarvilaka in der M.rcchaka.tikaa. Spuren eines Steya;saastra?" Zeitschrift
f:ur Indologie und Iranistik [vol? pp?] Reprinted in Hillebrandt's Kleine
Schriften [only one vol? pp?]

George, Dieter. 1966. .Sa.nmukha-kalpa. Ein Lehrbuch der Zauberei unde
Diebeskunst aus dem indischen Mittelalter. Marburg. This is said to have
been republished from Berlin in 1991. Could anyone give me the publication

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