International workshop on the culture of the Ilankai Tamilar

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Fri Aug 9 03:49:08 UTC 1996

In your draft, I can suggest some minor changes. There should be a comma
and not a full-stop after ´Dear Colleagues´.
Among the subjects listed, I think that we can leave out Prosody and
substitute Grammatical Tradition in its place.
We can add Folklore to the list.
About the date for the receipt of papers here, I feel that we have to make
it 1st of March and not 31st of March as I know that we may not get the
papers by the first deadline. We can change the deadline later and make it
early April.
I am going through Dennis Hudson´s paper. Did you notice that he was
referring to the Pallavas, trying to get Chinese aid to fight against
against the Arabs and the Tibetans, who were threatening their trade in
South-East Asia? I have checked the original of his paper and he indeed
makes a statement in two places. The reference to the Tibetans in this
context seems absurd and  cannot be substantiated. As  the  editor,I wonder
whether you have  any responsibility for this statement.

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