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Velu at relhist.uu.se Velu at relhist.uu.se
Wed Aug 7 03:22:54 UTC 1996

Dear Ganesan,
you trip to Tamilnadu. How did your trip go? Do you plan to circulate any
information about the trip through the Indology circle? Do you feel that
the Tamilnadu government, on its own or through the Delhi government, can
do anything to bring peace, on favourable terms to the Tamils, in Sri
I want to ask you a favour. I want to write a note on Kundalakeci to the
fotrthcoming publication on Tamil Buddhism  from Uppsala.I hope that you
will be aware that a collection(from commentaries) of available Kundalakeci
verses have been published in Tamilnadu many years ago. I am not sure of
bibliographic details. Where can I get this? Is it available as source
material in Internet?

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