One bibliographic and one lexical inquiry

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Tue Aug 6 15:34:03 UTC 1996

Dharma-caurya-rasaayana, a short text I have recently studied, was printed
in 1946 in Brahma-vidyå or the Adyar Library Bulletin. Could anyone kindly
give me the volume number (the photocopy I have does not contain the vol
no) and also clarify if the text was subsequently published as part of the
Adyar Library Text Series.

In verse 3.50, the Dharma-caurya-rasaayan uses the expression
arbhaa.ta-dhvani. Contextually, it should stand for some kind of loud noise
- some sound like that of an alarm which was made to attract the attention
of guards to a burglary etc. I have been unable to locate the word
arbhaa.ta in the dictionaries accessible to me. It is said to occur in the
usage of speakers in the Maharashtra-Karnataka border area in the sense of
'big, great' in a somewhat non-complimentary way. As the
Dharma-caurya-rasaayana was most probably written in south India by an
Andhra author, the word is very likely to come from a south Indian
language. Can anyone throw light on the precise meaning and, if possible,
the etymology of the word?

Ashok Aklujkar
Professor, Dept. of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z2

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