the oldest buddhist text found

Frank Conlon conlon at
Thu Aug 1 00:20:26 UTC 1996


Since Richard Salomon is a subscriber to Indology, I suspect he will be in
a position to forward some material on the project, but in brief, the
British Library and the University of Washington have commenced a major
research project of documentation and translation of a remarkable series
of textual fragments inscribed on bark and which appear to be parts of a
version of the Buddhist canon from the Gandharan region.  Salomon and
Professor Collett Cox, also of the University of Washington, have just
commenced work on this undertaking during the past few months.  The texts
had been rolled and stored, reportedly in sealed pottery.  The
conservators at the British Library managed to "open" the rolls and they
have been photographed.  I do not have my notes on the project to hand, so
possibly if Professor Salomon is "on line" these weeks, we may ask him for
further detail.

Frank Conlon
University of Washington
Co-editor of H-ASIA

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