Tulasidasa: NArI corI

Pratap Kumar kumar at pixie.udw.ac.za
Thu Sep 28 08:05:58 UTC 1995

Hello list members,

"Jaari" cited in the text below means (in colloquial Hindi) prostitute.

On Fri, 22 Sep 1995 P.Friedlander at wellcome.ac.uk wrote:

> Hello list members
> A while ago somebody asked about Tulasidasa's famous dohA on women, drums 
> and low caste people etc. being three subjects fit for beating. Recently I 
> noticed a sabadI by BharatharI that seemed rather similar:
> nArI corI jArI, tIna basta tyAgI
> sati sati bhA.snta rAjA bharatharI, tenA.m dUratA varAgI .35
> Roughly this might mean:
> Women, thieves and ( jArI ?) are three things to be renounced.
> Truly, truly says king Bharathari, (to renounce them) is renunciation.
> I can send the reference to where this is if the original inquirer is  
> interested. 
> Perhaps there is a whole genre of 'three things worth renouncing'?
> Peter Friedlander

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