Fri Sep 22 09:26:15 UTC 1995

Jim Hartzell asked:

>Does someone have the subscriber information for Buddha-L ?
>I understand there is also an indexing command one can insert in the
>subscription order so that there is a bit of control over what
>material one receives.

Send the following two lines to listserv at ulkyvm.louisville.edu:
sub buddha-l Jim Hartzell
set buddha-l index

The index setting results in your getting a daily message with a
list of all the messages distributed to buddha-l subscribers during
the past twenty-four hours. Each message listed has an index number,
which can be used to order that particular message. The instructions
for ordering specific messages are given in the daily message that you
receive. An alternative option is digests (set buddha-l digests),
which results in your receiving all the postings of a twenty-four hour
period in one large message. Currently buddha-l is running light, only
about five messages a day, most of them brief. At times traffic on the
list does get much heavier. It is difficult to predict (without the
aid of a good astrologer or oneiromancer) when buddha-l will explode
into prolixity; when it does, you'll be grateful for the index option.

Richard Hayes <cxev at musica.mcgill.ca>, owner of buddha-l

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