upaadhmaaniiya and jihvaamuuliiya

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Tue Sep 19 04:36:32 UTC 1995

>While reading with a friend I recently noticed the apparently consistent use of
>a symbol for the upaadhmaaniiya (the jihvaamuuliiya did not appear at all)
>in an early Nepalese palm-leaf manuscript.
>Can anybody tell me about the use in manuscripts of the upaadhmaaniiya and the
>jihvaamuuliiya?  They are commonly used in Kashmirian manuscripts even of
>non-Vedic texts and I imagine that they are to be found in manuscripts of Vedic
>texts outside Kashmir; but do they commonly occur in other contexts than these?
>Dominic Goodall.
It might be interesting to note that Johannes Hertel in his Einleitung to
his Tantraakhyaayika says p. XXIV § 2. Schreibung und Satzzeichen under 1
b: "Zischlaut, Upaadhmaaniiya und Jihvaamuuliiya verwende ich mit den
Handschriften statt des im eigentlichen Indien ueblichen Vsarga" (I am
using the sibilants, u´s and j´s as the MSS do instead of the of the usual
visarga in India itself) - he´s of course referring to the Kashmiri

Jay Soni
soni at mailer.uni-marburg.de


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