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Thu Sep 14 14:21:49 UTC 1995

Am I really the only one to receive Hindiaworld? I subscribed and have no 
problem so far.

By the way, my warmest thanks to those who answered my query on Memory.

		Francois Quiviger
		Warburg Institute
		University of London

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Subject: Address of Bhasa vibhag Panjab
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Hello List members
I am trying to get copies of catalogues of Panjabi manuscripts and have 
found one published back in the early 60s and it gives (in Gurumukhi) the 
following addresses as places to get more copies:

'Director General of the department of the Languages of the Panjab
'Controler Printing and stationary department Chandigarh'

Does anyone know fuller forms of these addresses?
Or know any information about other more recent catalogues of Panjabi MS?

Peter Friedlander

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