info on Indo-Iranian Journal ?

dplukker at dplukker at
Thu Sep 14 07:07:09 UTC 1995

>Can anyone tell me the current editor of the Indo-Iranian Journal,
>and his/her address?  Thanks.
>- David Stampe, U. of Hawai`i
Current editors are: Michael Witzel, H.W. Bodewitz; joint eds: 
F.B.J. Kuiper, Oskar von HinUber, Stephanie W. Jamison.

Publ.: Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, POB 322, 3300 AH,
Dordrecht, The Netherlands.



In my yesterday message (above) I forgot to mention the founding editor, 
                J.W. de Jong, 
who is still very active as one of the current editors. Excuses.

    Dick Plukker
    India Institute, Amsterdam


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