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Subject: Fulbrite in India

Michael Doliveck                 miked at bgnet.bgsu.edu
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Michael Doliveck   miked at bgnet.bgsu.edu

Subject: Fulbright in India

Namaste, Greetings.
My name is Michael Doliveck and I am applying for a Fulbright Student
Fellowship to India for 1996.  I am a graduate student at Bowling Green State
University in Ohio, U.S.A.  I am also an artist who works in stone and
        You can view my portfolio including photographs of my work on
The World Wide Web at: http://dad.bgsu.edu/~miked/   This site will be
under construction until Friday, September 15, 1995.
        I have studied bronze casting in some of the finest founderies in
The United States and Europe.  This type of casting requires huge
machinery and copious amounts of electricity.  I am completely in awe of
the genius of the people of India that have been doing metal
casting without these huge machines since 5000 B.C.!
        I have studied India, its cultures, some of its languages (Hindi and
Urdu), religions, and its arts for several years in hopes that If I
could  travel to India this knowledge would help me in my research.
        I want to come to India to research these methods, document them,
and perhaps share some of the techniques I have learned.  I have given
lectures and demonstrations in bronze casting and stone carving at
several schools and universities in The United States. I would be more
than happy to share my knowledge and my research documentation  with
interested parties. I would also be more than happy to assist the host
affiliation with teaching, demonstrating, developing archives, developing
computer links and sites, or in any other way I am able.
        I would also like to help Indian artists and artisans establish
connections with galleries, collectors, curators or other interested
groups in The U.S.,  Belgium, Italy, or Germany.
        I am seeking an official affiliation with an educational or
artistic institution in India.  As part of my application, I
need a letter of invitation  from an institution that would offer to act
as my host while in India.  This affiliation would not financially
obligate the host institution because my Fulbright Fellowship would cover
my expenses.
         I must submit my application before October 1st, 1995, and
would greatly appreciate receiving an invitation prior to that date.  My
chances of winning the fellowship would be greatly enhanced if an
affiliation can be arranged in the next few weeks.
        I would greatly appreciate any assistance or information you might have
for me.
        Thank you very much for your time.  Respectfully submitted,

                                Michael Doliveck

Michael Doliveck                         miked at bgnet.bgsu.edu
212 North Church Street                  WWW: http://dad.bgsu.edu/~miked/
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403 U.S.A.         Phone: (419) 353-1048


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