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Asko H S Parpola aparpola at
Sat Sep 9 04:16:58 UTC 1995

Dear Madhav,
	Jim Mallory's e-mail address is: J.Mallory at
Tatyana Elizarenkova's telephone number at home in Moscow is 151-59-83, 
you can write to her to the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian 
Academy of Sciences (I do not have the exact address with me now but can 
supply it later), Viktor Sarianidi's telephone number in Moscow (prefix 
+7-095) is 124-35-17 (office), or 125-31-92 (home), address Institute of 
Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences, 19 Dmitri Ulyanov Street, Moscow 117036 Russia.
	Best regards, Yours, Asko Parpola

On Fri, 8 Sep 1995, Madhav Deshpande wrote:

> Friends,
> 	I would be grateful if any of you could provide me with addresses 
> (snail-mail/e-mail/phone???) for the following scholars:
> 1.	Tatyaya Elizarenkova, Russsia
> 2.	J.P. Mallory, author of "In Search of Indo-Europeans." 
> 	(Belfast?)
> 3.	V.I. Sarianidi.  An archaeologist who has worked on Turkmenia and Iran.
> 	Russia?  One of the Central Asian Republics?
> 	I need to be able to get in touch with these folks very quickly.  
> Any help will earn you your desires in heaven (svarge loke kaamadhug 
> bhavati).
> 	All the best,
> 			Madhav Deshpande


Asko Parpola  (E-mail Asko.Parpola at Helsinki.Fi)
Department of Asian and African Studies, Univ. of Helsinki


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