Satyajit Ray books (was: Learning Bengali)

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Sun Sep 3 22:48:52 UTC 1995

Krishna Padmasola wrote: 
>Some of Satyajit Ray's story books are:
>Ek Dozen Goppo (One dozen stories)
>Aro Ek Dozon   (One more dozen)
>Aro Baro       (Another twelve)
>Ebaro Baro     (Again twelve)
>Eker Piche Dui (Two after one)
>As you can see, each is a collection of dozen short stories.
Have any of these, incidentally, been translated? I know that a few Feluda
stories were translated into English & published by Penguin India, but I
never heard of any other Ray-literature (except for his writings on film,
which are not really "literature") being or having been translated. 

Birgit Kellner
Institute for Indian Philosophy
University of Hiroshima


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