Search: Journal of the Bihar Research Society

robert l brown IBENBNW at MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU
Tue Oct 31 16:21:00 UTC 1995

I have a copy of the 1956 "Journal of the Bihar Research Society."  I suspect
Rick Asher (Univ of Minnesota) has a more complete set.  If you know which
article you want from the 1956 volume, I can xerox it for you.  Robert L. Brown


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> From: kellner at UE.IPC.HIROSHIMA-U.AC.JP(Birgit Kellner)
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> Subject: Search: Journal of the Bihar Research Society
> I am looking for copies of the "Journal of the Bihar Research Society"
> (Patna) of the
> years 1950, 1955 and 1956. Unfortunately, I cannot provide more detailled
> references (issue numbers etc.). Would anybody know how to get hold of ....?
> Birgit Kellner
> Institute for Indian Philosophy
> University of Hiroshima

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